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Breaking the rules:
  • You can be ejected from Titanic3D or even from the Activeworlds Europe 3D Universe if you break our rules
  • Ejection varies from a X-minute cool-down time, up to never again
  • Ejection is done by robots based on chat, and by people who monitor the chat
  • We do not discuss ejections in any way with anyone
  • Our decision may not be challenged, and is final
Gatekeepers & Greeters:
  • A group of people who can help you when you are online
  • GKs and Greeters work in shifts, they may not always be available
  • Activeworlds Europe has visitors from more than 50 countries, most of our staff speak (enough) English and/or other languages



Titanic 3D Rules and Disclaimer

Titanic 3D is a public environment on the web, accessible to everyone. As it is also a multi-user Avatar environment with (voice) chat possibilities, we have a few rules for when you enter Titanic3D and Activeworlds Europe. Downloading our browser implies acceptance of the rules stated here.

0. Ejection from Titanic 3D and other web worlds
We have the right to eject people and keep them from entering Titanic3D and/or other 3D Web Worlds if they do not comply with the following rules. These rules can be changed at our discretion, and we will regularly advise our 3D visitors of updates.

1. Communication with others

We expect everyone to behave like a normal and decent person towards other visitors. We will not accept aggressive or unpleasant behaviour in any way, be it related to age, religion, belief, gender, ethnic background or other personal aspects of an individual or group of people. Our decision on such matters is final.

2. Meeting other visitors

You walk around in your own Avatar and see other people walking around. Each Avatar is, like you, a representation of a real person. It may be a VIP, a child, a grand-dad, or anyone you can imagine who decides to visit Titanic3D at the same time you do. We ask you to respect a person's privacy and not make details of other visitors public unless they allow you to do so.

3. Activeworlds Europe and Titanic3D

Titanic3D is an environment mainly sponsored by Activeworlds Europe and a group of dedicated enthusiasts. This virtual replica is offered as is and may in some points not be entirely accurate, as not all information is known. We cannot be held liable in any way for discrepancies in exact measurements or content.

4. Visiting other 3D worlds

In addition to Titanic 3D, Activeworlds hosts many other 3D Worlds within its 3D Universe for entertainment, educational and business use. The owners of those Worlds can grant you access in general or by invitation only. Keep in mind that personal Worlds can have additional usage rules.

5. Titanic3D game

Titanic3D offers a game in which you are challenged to save the ship. You have one week to solve this challenge. Prizes in the game are offered by Activeworlds Europe and by sponsors. Communication about a prize can only be held with the sponsor of the prize, Activeworlds Europe cannot be held liable for prizes not being delivered by sponsors.

6. Last but not least

Titanic3D has been set up for your entertainment and pleasure. Many people worked hard on this once-in-a-lifetime event. We hope it will bring you a feeling of really being part of this unique voyage and expect you to behave like a first-class passenger.

Welcome aboard!
The Captain and his Crew

The general disclaimer of Activeworlds Europe is in effect for all project we host or sponsor, including Titanic 3D. The above rules are in addition to this general Disclaimer.