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The future of Titanic 3D

During the launch for the Centenary of Titanic on April 10, 2012, Activeworlds Europe (AWE) introduced a new version of the virtual ship.

More accurate and with much more content like the different restaurants, the smoking room, the swimming pool and turkish bath and many other features.

This 3D replica is based on work by different specialists, known for their models in Virtual Sailor, Mafia, Crisis and other engines.

Titanic3D is not as a single user simulation, but a full massive multi-user version where you visit the ship together and interactively.

We will continue working on this ship, see some of the new additions you can expect in the next weeks and months below.

Engine room
Many of you have asked for the engine room, and it has now our highest priority. During the next few weeks, the room and engines will be added and we will try to make the engine interactive, meaning you can make it work.

The cabins are now static rooms in which you can meet up privately with other passengers and members (Citizens) of Activeworlds Europe (AWE).

We are working on a system which will allow you to change your room in different styles, funish it as you like, and connect your own content in it like links to your favorite web pages, movies, pictures, facebook or other content you wish to share.

Passenger IDs
If you have a free passenger ID, it will be valid until May 9, 2012. If you wish to extend it and keep your cabin for longer, see the sponsoring and membership possibilities below.

Other rooms and details
There are still parts of the ship which are out of bounds at the moment because they are not ready or modelled yet. Regularly we will open new parts for you to explore.

Titanic 3D Game
We are working on a role-playing game for Titanic 3D, in which you will be able to play the role of a passenger or be part of the crew. We will keep you informed about this exciting new development!

Titanic 3D sponsoring and membership
Rebuilding Titanic in 3D, hosting it on servers on the web, developing new features, simulations and games cost an enormous amount of money. We have a few sponsors that make this possible, but every little drop extra is more than welcome!

If you would like to sponsor Titanic 3D, the easiest way is to become a member of the Titanic3D and AWE community. It costs 5,21 Euro per month (around 7 USD), or you can get discounts if you pay per quarter, 6 months or per year.

If you have a Passenger ID, you can use your name and password to log on to our payment system and renew or extend your current ID. If you do not have a Titanic3D or AWE ID, just register and you will get two weeks for free.

You can find the payment system on AWExchange, it offers different payment methods.

We hope to see you on the ship soon again!

The Captain and his Crew