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FAQs on Titanic 3D

Q: What is Titanic 3D?

A: The Titanic 3D is a 3-dimensional and multi-user replica of the real Titanic, accessible on the Internet via the Activeworlds Europe 3D browser. You move around it with other passengers using your arrow keys and mouse.


Q: What is the Activeworld Europe browser?

A: It is an 8Mb software programme which you can find on the Download page. It uses your normal Internet connection to transport you onto the Titanic 3D. It also allows you to visit other 3D environments in the ActiveWorlds Europe Universe. The browser is free to use to access 3D worlds on the web.


Q: Are there really no charges?

A: Everyone can visit the Titanic 3D and other worlds for free as a “Tourist”. There are no costs involved. If you wish to use more features like contact lists, instant messages and other special features, you can register as a “Citizen” (member). Membership is a paid service.


Q: The browser is in English, are there other languages?

A: Yes, there are several language sets available for the browser. In the browser, choose Options in your menu, then Settings, then Advanced. In the Messages box, choose your favourite language and click Apply and close the settings box. All your menus will be in your chosen language.


Q: I only see red squares with a no-parking sign, where is the Titanic?

A: Every square represents an object and every object must be downloaded once from the Internet. On a slow connection (56K) it can take up to 15 minutes to load everything the first time and allow you to walk on the Titanic. So be patient, it is worth it! If you still see triangles after loading, try a different Video setting in your Options, Settings menu by choosing Video and activating the different video modes.


Q: My screen flickers, or my movements are very slow

A: 3D environments, especially Multi-user ones use a lot of video power. The Titanic 3D has been built to work on video cards with at least 128 Mb memory, but if many people are online, it can slow you down. If you have problems, try closing all other programmes or change your video and other options in the Options/Settings menu.


Q: How do I communicate with other passengers?

A: The communication interface is the same as other “chats” on the Internet. Below the 3D window showing the environment, a chat window shows the text typed by other people. Just type your text underneath the chat and press Enter to show your text to all others. To speak privately, choose a name in the Whisper box and type your text behind it. Voice chat will be offered to passengers.


Q: How do I move around on the Titanic?

A: You can move forwards and backwards or turn around with your arrow keys or your mouse. Signs on board of the Titanic will help you with the other functions like running, and changing your camera view points.


Q: The first Titanic 3D did not look exactly like the one in James Cameron’s movie. Which one is the real one?

A: The first Titanic 3D was a visualisation made by Emmanuel Asset, based on the original plans and drawings. Susan Katarzis made the Avatars and clothing after research on the original clothes during those times.

The new version is much more accurate and offers you the possibility to have your own cabin aboard the ship! The Titanic3D is based on the model built by Kyle Hudak, also used in the Virtual Sailor, VSF, Crisis and Mafia engines.